Roman Blind Safety Information

Please follow the instructions below carefully.  Check that any window coverings already installed are done so in accordance with these instructions.


All Window Coverings

Young children can strangle in pull cords and bead chains. 

To avoid entanglement, keep cords and bead chains out of reach of young children.

nstall safety devices provided to reduce access to cords.

Move cribs, playpens, cots and furniture away from window covering cords and bead chains.  Children can climb furniture to access the cords/chains.


Cleats on Roman Blinds

We recommend to install the cleat at a central height (or higher) and to wrap the cord around tightly when the blind is raised and also when the blind is down.

Cords must be fully wrapped around the cleats AT ALL TIMES.

Roman Blinds with Bead Chains
Fix the chain tension device to the wall so the bottom of the chain is wrapped around the device.  Fix at a height which makes the chain taut and is not able to be taken off the device at any time.



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